Welcome to The Modern Uprising! I created this blog years ago to document my adventures. Although I’ve had the pleasure of traveling with friends, a majority of my trips have been solo. Solo travel has been one of the most liberating experiences I’ve ever had. As someone who has always been a bit timid, I grow more and more confident as I continue to put myself out there.

I was barely a teen when my family relocated from St. Lucia to the U.S. It was the dead of winter and initially a culture shock. Fast forward years later, this nomadic feeling hasn’t left me, perhaps the very reason I am so eager to travel. In 2013, I visited a quaint town called Atencingo, four hours away from Mexico City. It was mid-December and I was in a colorful sundress. I explored ruins, ate mole, and drank local beer to my heart’s content.

Two years after my Mexican love affair, a college friend invited me to visit in Copenhagen, Denmark for the holidays– My yes was immediate. We spent weeks backpacking through cities in Eastern and Western European countries– From Copenhagen to Brussels, Bucharest and Brasov, and finally Prague. I was hooked! The following year, I thought I could do this thing alone and planned my first solo trip to Europe. The rest is history!

Friends and family usually remark that traveling solo is quite bold. Truth is, I am scared but seeing a new country is EXHILARATING and that feeling surpasses any arising fear.

The Basics

At age 24, I secured my Master’s degree in communication studies and worked for diverse industries from fashion to market research. I’ve backpacked through numerous countries, and on occasion, yield to faux fur coats, shoes, and decadent donuts. I’m based in NYC but I’m always asking myself “where to next?”

The Modern Uprising is for those who are considering solo getaways and just need a little push 🙂 Here, you will gain insights on how I organize my trips and more importantly, how I do so on a budget.

I invite you to join me on my next adventure.

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