Autonomy + self care🌈 in the midst of a pandemic 😳

I know that it would be the understatement of the decade to say that it’s been a wild year for most of us. In the midst of a pandemic and shutdowns, we were flung into protests. The conversation quickly ignited conversations surrounding what it means to be Black in America where many have come forward speaking on everything from corporate fashion to healthcare. An unwitting whirlwind but necessary nonetheless. These are the kinds of conversations to expect within a diverse society and can only foster more meaningful connections when they’ve taken place.

I’ve been religiously keeping track of news on border reopening to learn when I can pack my bags again. I’d even settle for an out of town getaway (Hi friends with homes in the Hamptons👋🏾). Last fourth of July, I spent a fun filled weekend in Woodstock with friends. We rented a rustic cabin in the woods and I could not have asked for a more tranquil weekend getaway.

At the moment, I believe it is my moral obligation to wait on taking any trips to avoid potential spreading of the virus. This calls for imagination and thinking up ways to do more things that bring me joy. I’ve created a list (in no particular order) below of the things that I’ve partaken in during this lockdown:

  1. Reading in the park (Currently reading The Outsider by Stephen King followed by Becoming by Michelle Obama)
  2. Yoga via YouTube videos and live streams
  3. Netflix Party movie night (organized by my favorite vegan restaurant)
  4. Cycling (thank you Citibikes)
  5. Jogging
  6. Baking (I made my first lemon blueberry cake over the weekend)
  7. Learning to play the guitar
  8. Free online courses via
  9. Calls and texts with family
  10. Minimal news exposure (SUPER IMPORTANT)
  11. Maintaining healthy veggie eating (some of my favorite recipes pinned)
  12. Meditation using Headspace app
  13. Music (Favorites include Yo-Yo Ma’s Instagram serenades, Frank Sinatra Spotify playlists)
  14. Photography
  15. Writing (Currently working on a poetry book)
  16. Positive self affirmations
  17. Tidying and reorganizing my space to promote good feng shui
  18. Creating a seller’s account for items I no longer use (I’ve had success with the Poshmark app)
  19. Social media hiatuses
  20. Dating apps

Eye opening how much I’m able to accomplish when I have no social life 🙃 I would love to hear some of yours!

Featured image credit: Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Autonomy + self care🌈 in the midst of a pandemic 😳

  1. Great list that leads to great quality life. We need to take care of ourselves more than ever and do what makes the heart alive.

    Liked by 1 person

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