The Ultimate Philadelphia Getaway Guide

Philadelphia is famous for its historical richness. The city is founded on principles of religious freedom and cultural preservation. It is known for sites such as the Liberty Bell, the “Rocky Steps” and the Barnes Foundation art gallery which is home to the works of Picasso and Vincent van Gogh.

I’ve learned a great deal during my travels. Exploring institutions housing cultural artifacts taught me about a city’s origin story as well as its values. In Berlin, the Pergamon Museum displayed the Ishtar Gate, once the entrance to Babylon; In Amsterdam, I spent hours strolling through my all time favorite museum, Rijksmuseum, learning more about slavery and how it bolstered the Dutch’s power in the New World. Travel has not only boosted my confidence and expanded my world view, it has also cultivated my command of world history in a way that a book or a Google search would prove inadequate.

In a few days I’ll be exploring Philly and I wanted to share my excitement with you.

What a wanderlust traveler on a budget seeks out

During my time in Europe I discovered FlixBus, a German-owned transportation service. I had no idea that the company was also functioning here in the States and just happened to land on their website and its incredibly low fares!

The travel arrangements and accommodations were all set and there I was staring at my travel itinerary template (you can download my template below).

Itinerary Template

This will be my first trip to Philly and I don’t intend to miss out on anything so I began my research, sourcing the best of everything Philly had to offer from vegetarian Philly cheesesteaks to jazz joints.

What a vegetarian consumes in a city known for its cheesesteaks

Being a vegetarian who loves to try new dishes means that it’s in my benefit to research in advance. With restaurant names such as Vedge, Charlie was a sinner, and V street, I am thrilled about the prospect of eating my way through Philly.

What a former corporate fashion girl packs for a winter getaway

One of the challenges I face when prepping for a trip is always “what am I going to wear?” (I know! Major cliché but completely relevant considering our sporadic weather forecasts.)

Below, you will find that I’m sticking to the chic “New Yorker in winter” look (all black). I did however throw in a floral long-sleeved wrap-around dress paired with knee high boots for a special dinner outing. I also threw in my absolute favorite pair of booties, snake skin high heels – just the thing to add a bit of pop to my all black ensembles.

Should I stick to my Dr. Martens boots or should I keep my options open and bring my snake skin booties along? What do you think?

Would you like to share your favorite things to do in Philly? I’d love to hear them! Comment below.

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Header photo courtesy: Unsplash

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