Cali girl @heart

The dream prolongs…

I shuffled into Freehand Los Angeles, large tote on one arm. My carryon lugged across carpeted floors. Rustic vibes spring from the mini cafe window to wooden decor.

This place is adorable.

The concierge reminds me of the rooftop pool.


It is the sole reason I’m here.

I’ve been musing about just that: exposed skin, cozy beach beds, aperol spritz in left hand, Camus’ The Stranger in right (albeit, odd reading for a solo getaway) but it didn’t take long for my musings to become reality.

Checked in.

Draped in my tropical wrap around, one purchased during my last visit to St Lucia, I rode the elevator to the rooftop.

Doors open wide and natural light beckons.

Scene: a kitschy, wild floral, hipstery ambience. A bit taken aback. I’m tagged with a wristband by a cheerful young woman at the entrance to the bar and pool.

“Guests take priority in the pool area,” she says.

“Perfect!” I responded.

I’ve grabbed a towel and made my way to the pool.

I’ve taken a few dips in the cool water.

The day progresses. My skin darkens. A healthy glow illuminated by a rapid sunset.

Header photo courtesy: Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Cali girl @heart

    1. Thank you! Hopefully, I’ll get to call it home one day 🙂

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