Girlish Prints and Fiery Swimwear: What to Pack for a Weekend in Miami

I’ve been unintentionally MIA for the past couple of months (where my blog is concerned). Since my last entry, I’ve visited NOLA in August and Washington, DC for Thanksgiving. I also revisited San Diego for Christmas and celebrated the new year in warmth and in good company.

Although it’s been a wonderful start to my new year, it hasn’t exactly been perfect.

When the Going Gets Tough…

Book a flight.

My travel experiences are rich pockets of happiness in this sometimes dreary world. Recollections of my journeys and the anticipation of those to come are what keep me content. Every now and then, while briskly walking through NYC, the drama and grandeur of a streetside church takes me back to my initial sighting of the celestial Duomo di Milano; or the scent of mole drifting me back to that rooftop restaurant in Mexico City, where I tried the decadent Mexican sauce for the very first time.

These kinds of memories remain and are pulled to the forefront when senses are stimulated. What we wear has the same effect. I can’t recall the number of times, I’ve rediscovered a dress that I wore while on vacation, followed by the memories of my time spent.

With my Miami getaway approaching, I’ve curated a carry-on friendly wardrobe that will fashion your most treasured memories.

Do as the Romans…

Since I’m traveling from the cold to a warmer climate, I thought I might deviate from the usual jeans and a thick sweater to a long-sleeved, floral maxi dress instead.

Try this alternative High Neck Midi Dress or this Ruffled Maxi Dress.

Add a simple cami and denim shorts for a minimal look since you never know where a getaway might lead you.

Opt for an easy dress such as the Lindsay Dress or go wild with this Realisation Par number for an easy day to night transition.

Prints such as the Elle Dress and The Devon are the mini treats you need to either bring the cute factor or a steamy day time look together.

Where There’s Smoke…

There’s you in a hot bikini.

Bask in 80-degree weather in curve-hugging, shocking color swimwear.

Give them an Inch… or Four

An espadrille is a wardrobe staple. They’re comfortable footwear that can easily elevate a casual day time ensemble. For evening escapades, this Marc Fisher heel will definitely have you making your mark.


I discovered Bamba Swim down the Instagram rabbit hole and of course, I just had to own this tiger bikini. The V wire top not only gives you the support you need for when you take that dive but accentuates your form for a rubber-necking suit; just what bikinis were made for.

Header photo courtesy: Unsplash

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