How to Dress Like An Islander

The clouds roll in and the sky awakens. The banana leaves make way for a twilight downpour. It’s the dawn’s ritual. From my bedroom window, a marvelous, lush garden beckons, ripened guavas hang from branches, and the wind carries the scent of the ocean which glistens in the distance. It’s 70 something degrees and it only gets warmer as the day progresses.

Hello, sundress.


It’s airy and the vibrant colors coordinate with the rich bouquets that line the coarse streets and the multicolored island homes held by concrete stilts. A soft breeze curtails the humidity. I reach for my sunglasses buried deep within my large tote: keeper of my fuchsia bikini, flat sandals, leather passport holder, and my skinny water bottle. The sun’s rays creep in through the dense trees and rich bushes.


There’s a reason this place is called paradise. 

My floral sundress dances in the wind. The ensemble: a tribute to Mother Nature.


The sun sets. My freedom to roam the island in a fun dress continues uninterrupted. The city streets are overflown with revelers. Locals open their homes to neighbors. Patios are transformed into dance floors with young DJs at the helm. A gentle wind brings a heavy smoke from a vendor’s backyard grill. They’re serving up roasted fish and poultry.

My 2½” block heeled sandals take me along for an epic night out


Once again, a light drizzle ferries in the break of dawn. It’s a white tee and loose shorts kind of day. A pair of comfortable sneakers leads the way. On this day, we hike the island’s iconic Gros Piton.

The birds sing their sweet songs.

Header photo courtesy: Unsplash

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