Best Travel Gifts for Him

Planning your first getaway with that special guy in your life? Ensuring that the two of you are all set for your exciting adventure involves packing the essentials. I’ve shared some fantastic gift ideas that can help prepare him for your ultimate couple’s getaway.

The Studious Guy

saddle leather journal

This Saddle Leather Travel Journal comes with a wooden pencil and an inside pocket. Protected by a lightly distressed leather bound covering, you can get this beautiful journal monogrammed. It’s the perfect gift for the guy in your life who likes to keep a hard copy.



The Suit


He’s the corporate guy, the quintessence of style. I know for a fact that Mont Blanc is what CEO’s of multi-billion dollar fashion companies use. This PIX Black Ballpoint Pen is perfect for the guy who has exquisite taste. He’s a self-proclaimed hedonist in a tailored suit.



The Brooklyn Hipster

101257832-e1515514753835.jpgHershel is what all the Brooklyn hipster guys are wearing. They’re decked out in clean Hershel backpacks and beanies. Chapter Toiletry Case is ideal for the responsible guy who appreciates a thoughtful and practical gift. You can fill this puppy up with his favorite utilities.



The Artsy Type


He’s the creative type who loves film or photography. His idea of a perfect date is to take you to see an indie movie set in the 80s. There’s just something about vintage, one of a kind items such as this Polaroid Camera that’ll just get him all giddy.

 The Yogi


He believes in spiritual guidance and reading energies which is why this Karma Bliss Love Bliss Bag packs a healing touch while you two are cleansing your chakra in Bali.


The Dapper Gent

You won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when you’re shopping for this guy. You can rarely go wrong with Gucci.




The Gym Aficionado


He’s a simple guy who appreciates the practical gifts. This Under Armour Stainless Steel Water Bottle is exactly what he’ll need to keep hydrated while you two are knocking off a few day plans off your itinerary.






The Adventure Junkie

This is the kind of guy who’s always up for a getaway. He’s organized and loves to travel light which makes this Osprey Backpack perfect for him.






The Giver


Donate to a charitable organization in his name. It’s a special way to honor his love of giving back.




The Tastemaker

61Tsvki6yRL._SL1000_.jpgShopping for the trendsetter in your life is definitely a tough one. So what do you give a fashion influencer? Why whiskey of course! It’s just what he’ll need to chill out during your plane ride while he’s assessing the next big thing in fashion!





Would you like to share your favorite gift ideas with me? Do so in the comments below 🙂


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