Visiting San Diego


“Always up for an adventure!”

Which is why when I visited my brother in San Diego during Easter, I peeled off my denim and threw on my running pants not long after my plane had landed. We grabbed water bottles and our sunglasses and off we were, an hour’s hike from Potato Chip Rock.

Day 1:

Hike to Potato Chip Rock





Splash Wine Lounge and Bistro: Their Ricotta and Mushroom flatbread is worth revisiting! The ambience is the cherry on top.

Day 2:

Carlsbad State Beach



Day 3:

Black’s Beach: My brother who is much more of an adventure junkie than I am, led me down this intense route which included everything from crab walking and rock climbing through rock formations. Or you can take the stairs, the safer and easier route which I later found out about -_-



Trilogy Sanctuary: A vegan rooftop cafe that prides themselves on their organic, plant-based cuisine.


Catania: One of Google Trip app’s highest rated Italian rooftop restaurants. Save yourself time and download this app! Again, ambience is everything! The food is hearty and flavorful, the staff is incredibly engaging!



Read about my visit to Shelter Island here!

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