Vita Bella

I am thrilled to share photos from my trip to Milan!

In 3 Nights in Berlin, I detailed the horrifying moment my phone containing all the images I took from Milan, collapsed onto a concrete stairway. I’ve had difficulty retrieving photos from my broken phone but luckily my Whatsapp account stored some of my downloaded images of this beautiful city! Yay!

Milan was the first stop in my backpacking adventure.

I had a connecting flight from JFK to Oslo which was met with excruciating delays. A journey with an early afternoon arrival time became an evening flight from Oslo to Milan. By the time I arrived in the city, my Italian friends had already prepped a night out on the town.

Fun fact: Italians are experts at throwing house parties!

A Girl Can Eat.

The crowd is young, the food is delectable, and the atmosphere is vibrant.

My second night in Milan involved dining at Yguana Café, a popular apertivo near the heart of the city. Here’s how it works: you purchase a cocktail from Yguana’s wide selection which then allows you all access to a buffet of classic Italian fare. Trust me, you’ll definitely be going in for seconds! The crowd is young, the food is delectable, and the atmosphere is vibrant.

Taxis: You can’t hail a cab on the streets of Milan but you can always find one at a Taxi Stand.

The following day, I wriggled myself through a crowd of hungry tourists and natives to feast on Italian nosh in a narrow, bustling bakery and café, Princi. This rustic café offers delicious baked goods including pizza and a variety of decadent desserts including crostatine, pasticcio di mele, and Linzer torte.

Eating out is definitely one of my highlights while traveling but since Milan is such a costly city, I was reluctant to dive in and explore its rich cuisine. Thankfully, there is so much to see in this fierce city that doesn’t include a fee.


Castello Sforzesco


Sempione Park


Porta Sempione


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