The Ultimate St. Lucia Travel Guide

Recently a former co-worker of mine disclosed that she and her partner wanted to visit my birth country, St Lucia. I was beyond excited to offer suggestions on what sites they should explore.

I was born and raised in St Lucia. My family and I transplanted to NYC years ago and last January I got the opportunity to return to the island, a mere four hours away. We spent a week at our family home in the countryside. I forgot what it was like to look up at the stars at night or to hear the midday chirps of a yellow breast or the pitter-patter of early morning showers on the banana trees outside my window.

About the Island

The island life is the ultimate seduction. It’s hard not to fall in love with the sites, food, and the people. You won’t ever experience anything quite as breathtaking and vibrant as St Lucia’s natural beauty.

Over the years, St Lucia has become a major tourist attraction known for its thriving cuisine, luxury resorts, and stunning sceneries. It’s one of the few islands in the world with a drive-in volcano. Further, you haven’t done your visitation justice if you don’t stride through a couple of towns to indulge in the island’s cuisine. Its national dish is green figs and salt fish but my all time favorite dish is curried veggies wrapped in roti.

Things to Know:

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar
Language: English
Population: 184,999

I’ve highlighted my top spots below:

Marigot Bay





Sandy Beach

Vieux Fort

Mandele Lookout Point



Latille Waterfalls and Gardens


DSC01051.JPGDSC01050.JPGDSC01013.JPGDSC01030 copy.JPG

Sulpher Springs



Pigeon Island

Gros Islet

dsc00638DSC00662.JPGDSC00666.JPGdsc00639DSC00644 copy.jpg

Gros Islet Street Party

Don’t miss the opportunity to partake in Gros Islet Friday Night Street Party where locals and tourists roam the streets, consume authentic local cuisine, and dance to the vivacious rhythms of Caribbean music.

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  1. Oh properly elucidated ….a quite tempting place to visit 😍

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